Pascal Baetens te gast bij Foto Gamma Leuven











“After a classic, intellectual education, Pascal Baetens chose to develop his artistic creativity and became a photographer. He has been realising portrait, glamour, fashion and travel assignments for editorial, commercial and private clients. His collection of subtle black & white nudes lead to the art books ‘The fragile touch’, ‘Allegro sensibile’ (‘The art of nude photography’ as USA-edition), ‘Heavenly Girls’ (‘Heavenly Beauties’ as USA-edition), the how-to book ‘Nude photography, the art and the craft’ and numerous publications and exhibitions throughout Europe and North America.

Baetens has interviewed photographers such as Avedon, Bitesnich, Dunas, Lindbergh, Maroon and Witkin and has been curator of various exhibitions. His work has featured in some of the leading books on modern photography. Since Summer 2007, he is chief editor of Fine Art Tv,

He is living and working in the former Salve Mater hospital-monastery of  Lovenjoel, Belgium.”

Uit Pascals’ BIO

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2 Reacties to “Pascal Baetens te gast bij Foto Gamma Leuven”

  1. […] – meer – […]

  2. leuke reeks, ik hoop dat het interessant was, ik heb hem ook wel eens an het werk gezien, een aangename man!
    … en zijn boeken verkopen goed blijkbaar 😉

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